Ekallywood TV is a leading Global broadcasting, multi-media and i.c.t conglomerate specializing in making digital contents, programming media development tools, television broadcasting, research, film and movie making, documentary, modeling andentertainment, advertisement, and marketing.With the aim to promote, educates and entertainment the masses. And to create more field and work-at-home job opportunities to the graduates, students and entire  people of Eket, Akwa Ibom, Cross  River State, Nigeria, and all works of life. Through the area of; ecommerce, software development, social networking, freelance, affiliates, survey, and investment, etc.This was founded in 2004 by Prince Emmanuel Bassey Joe (A.k.A-TITOWISE). As a department in TWINS FRIEND’S CLUB OF NIGERIA (TFCON) which was registered with Cross River State Ministry of Youth, Sport and Orientation, in 2004, and Malaysia tourism organization in 2007.Having ongoing registration with CORPORATE AFFAIR COMMISSION (CAC) and NIGERIA TOURISM DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (NTDC), AND OTHER INTERNATIONAL MEDIA AND FILM AGENCIES. Ekallywood TV also collaborate with MEGA M RECORDZ and RERDEN CULTURE to develop more youths and talented children in Nigeria and Africa: on the area of music and entertainment, tourism and hospitality.

With its definite approach to introduce an instant revenue generation system through web lifestyle, and to “build a millennium talented and creative youths, and even the adult, in order to be fully compete with other develop world, while enhancing our potentiality.” Ekallywood TV channel will help brand’s reach their audience and fans, and engaging consumers, practitioners, advertisers and promoters in the field of media, entertainment, marketing, ICT, while helping government to reach more peopleat any point in time, etc.

Ekallywood TV programs will be a-must-watch series of event that’ll inspire, educate, thrill and entertain families. It’ll build parent trust on what the children and families view on daily basis. Ekallywood willact as a substitute to Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood and complimenting other international media Agencies, while adding succor and flavor to television shows, soap operas and drama. And deploying digital tools and machines, and emotional connection to integrate government in empowering the talented citizen on a platform of media and communication, messages and film making. Ekallywood’ll create, broadcast and streamflesh and inoffensive digital content, movies, TV shows - interactingit live through the social media world, Radio stations, internet and prints.

 And finally, (Ekallywood TV) in its entirety will serves as an information resources and development center, for everyone, even for both physically challenge fellows and those that are not.


















v To build people destiny through digital revolution for the growth of the nations.

v To serves as a digital channel and theatrical production to air government, public and organizational programs both in rural and urban communities.

v Advancing media as a means of creating jobs opportunities.

v Empowering the youths to be better future progressive leaders.

v To promote education, and redefine our culture and tradition through media and entertainment.

v Training the young minds on how to become experts and professionals in I.c.t and media. And building ecommerce portals, and general content applications for development of the country; for this is the digital rules for wealth creation etc.




v Establishing and building digital information and resources centers such as: Television station, e-library, eBooks directory, software’s,news and article directories, and marketplace applications.

v Producing life changing movies/films.

v Giving and creating job opportunities to the youth, and even to both disable and physical challenged fellows.

v Liaise and dialogue with the government to create job opportunities to the youths.

v Launching Ekallywood new social sites, TV apps, eBooks, and magazines.

v Developing talents.

v Promoting creativity and Entrepreneurship.

v Educating the general public through TV broadcasting, seminars, workshop, campaign, talk show, and street hype.

v Producing research documentaries, films, movies, apps, adverts, backdrops, postal, sign post, books, magazine, banners, billboard, etc.



(1)    Product Department / Research Department

(2)    Media and Publicity Department

(3)    Marketing/Advertisement Department

(4)    Music Department (Gospel and Secular)

(5)    Video Production Department

(6)    Audio and Radio F.M Department

(7)    Television Department

(8)    Comedy Department/Costuming Department

(9)    Missionary Department

(10)  Tourism Department

(11)  Agricultural Department

(12)  Environmental Department

(13)  Education Department

(14)  Charity Department

(15)  Health Department

(16)  Social Welfare Department

(17)  Website and software Development Department

(18)  Electrical/Engineering Department

(19)  Catering Department

(20)  Modeling Department

(21)  Computer Basic and Training

(22)  Children Department